Marek Bryling on the bike

I am the father of two wonderful daughters. I am a carer of one dog (female) of the Cane Corso breed and one cat (also female) of the European breed.

Not only that, but I am addicted to cycling. Especially fast downhill and over hard terrain. I won’t disdain gravel or road, either. Especially when there are favourable circumstances for it.

I like photography. I watch the work of masters. I like take pictures myself. Some reportage, some landscapes. Street and macro pictures will also find their way onto my discs. You can find a small sample of my work on Instagram. I will be posting more photos and in better quality here.

I make money working in IT. Increasingly as a mentor doing software architecture, technical leadership and sometimes still programming. I have been in the industry for over 25 years.

Updated at 29.12.2023 21:37